Wow! Quite Creative Stop Animation

Tomas Mankovsky, a name you’ll likely hear again, created this awesome stop animation video, “Sorry I’m Late“, entirely from snapshots from a still camera.

Tomas shares his experiments and setups and some “making of” videos at He used a storyboard to sketch out the flow of the story, and individual frame sketches that the actors mimicked to provide the action.

Soft as a baby’s bottom

I seem to be in a peculiar, but pleasant, preoccupation with viral marketing videos. “Fight for Kisses” is not only funny, it’s another excellent example of a company that exploits Internet video sharing websites like YouTube instead of getting mad and suing them.

The video, a minute-and-a-half commercial for Wilkinson’s “Quattro Titanium” razor, has been viewed on YouTube by 20,000 visitors since it was uploaded three days ago. If it follows the viewership trend of similar videos, Wilkinson’s effort will eventually been seen by a million or more potential customers, with an effective media buy of $0/thousand!

It is beyond me why more companies don’t follow this strategy. Wilkinson can save millions of advertising dollars by effectively bypassing television network prime time and concentrating on clever 90-second videos on YouTube and highly targeted ad buys on regional sports networks.

Besides being cute, the commercial shows how far computer animation has come since Toy Story. Thanks to one of my blogging heros, Doc Sears, for alerting me to this video.