Bing is the Natural Successor to Bob

Microsoft today announced its new search platform, called “Bing“. It was greeted by a mock (or perhaps not?) protest by long-time Fortune magazine columnist Stanley Bing, who in a press release “expressed ‘moderate outrage'” at what he termed “brand encroachment” by Microsoft.

“For nearly 25 years, I have jealously guarded the value of my brand,” Bing (the original) continued. “For several years, it was threatened by the enormous reputation of Rudolf Bing, the fictional presence of Chandler Bing and the high-profile persona of Stephen Bing. This, however, is the worst challenge the Bing Brand has faced to date, particularly in regards to my search engine optimization positioning.”

Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby

Not to question Mr. Bing (The Columnist) on his claim the “Bing” brand, but it would seem to me that “Bing” is forever owned by 1940s crooner Bing Crosby. Who else would come to mind when one hears “Bing” (at least if one is over 40 and has sat through countless holiday marathons of (That) Bing’sWhite Christmas” film and the endless Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road movies?

Microsoft Bob

Microsoft Bob

And further more, what would be a more natural successor to Microsoft’s much maligned desktop interface “Bob” than a new product called “Bing“?

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