LayoffTracker Widget a Good, But Depressing Idea, a company gossip site, has released a LayoffTracker Widget that lets you embed the latest job loss bad news on your blog, website or start page. LayoffTracker Widget LayoffTracker Widget LayoffTracker Widget

Available at the universal widget site, Widgetbox, this JavaScript widget shows in reverse chronological order the damage to US employment. The 20-employee cuts are featured with the 20,000-employee layoffs.

Links in the widget take you to Telonu’s page for that company, which gives detailed information about the event and allows members to leave presumably disgruntled comments. Here’s the page detailing the latest round of layoffs at Jabil Circuits, a local company.

I could find no information at Telonu about an API to access their data. Hopefully in true Web 2.0 fashion, Telonu will create an interface to their layoff database. A Telonu-Google Maps-Yahoo Finance mashup with a county-level unemployment data overlay tile would be another cool, but depressing, idea.

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