Sridhar Vembu: “A Dangerous Man”

I’ve been a fan of the Zoho suite of online office 2.0 applications for some time. I pay to use a couple of their applications.

So I enjoyed this interview with Sridhar Vembu, the founder and CEO of AdventNet, the publisher of the Zoho products.

Said the Economist:

“SRIDHAR VEMBU is a dangerous man. If he succeeds, a lot of people will lose a lot of money: software developers, consultants, shareholders and others. The chief executive of AdventNet does not have fraud in mind. Instead, he wants to remove what he calls the “value-pad” from corporate IT in general and business software in particular: all those millions of dollars he thinks are wasted on inefficient production structures, marketing and, not least, proprietary standards. ‘In the world of corporate IT’, he says, ‘the low-cost revolution is very much unfinished business.'”

Read the whole article – it’s good.

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