Using Flock as Blog Post Assistant

I’m testing Flock, the “social” browser based on the Filefox core, as a blogging assistant. I had tried it before, but could never get the browser-to-blog interface to work.

This week, on a whim, I was toying with the “post to blog” feature of – the one that automatically posts your most recent bookmarks to your blog. Nothing happened until I googled the problem and found this helpful post in the forum:

Configuration of xmlrpc.php?rsd in self hosted blog

Try this solution, since it seems to echo similar situations. First,
download the file .htaccess from your blog’s root directory and copy
it. (Odds are it will be blank, 0 bytes, but be sure.)

Next, in the copy, insert the following lines:

<Files xmlrpc.php>

SecFilterInheritance Off


Finally, upload the new .htaccess back to the blog’s root directory, then try your procedure again. That should clear it up.

Bruce — Harper Blue

I edited .htaccess, uploaded and it worked for the first time ever. I should have thought of this myself, actually, web professional that I am. But I didn’t. Score another victory for the collective brain of the web.

At any rate, this post was edited and posted using the blogging editor in Flock.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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