Today’s Obama Links

The Good American and Monsieur Obama

“But right now, in French eyes, there’s a single good American: the Democratic Party nominee, Barack Obama. His book, “The Audacity of Hope,” is a best seller. His face is everywhere, sometimes in socialist realist images evoking Che Guevara.

“What I think this means for Obama is that French or European adulation for him is no longer a political problem. It cannot be associated by the likes of Karl Rove with wimpy Euro appeasement and ‘socialism’. If anything, Americans are looking to European health care and environmental measures as possible models.”

Roger Cohen, New York Times

Barack Obama: The winner

“I wonder if Americans have yet fully absorbed what they have just done. This past week – 41 years after the Supreme Court struck down the last bans on interracial marriage and only 40 years after black America exploded in riots after Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated – a black man became the favourite to be the next president of the United States.

“His convention acceptance speech, a date scheduled long before Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee, will occur by exquisite timing 45 years to the day after King’s “I have a dream” speech. The states that were critical to his nomination were Illinois, Lincoln’s home state, and the four southern states most associated with slavery: South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina.”

Andrew Sullivan, TimesOnline

Blow up the Beltway

“When Clinton said in one of the debates that he must not only denounce Lewis Farrakhan, he must also reject him, you could see his eyes light up (at 5:52 in the video) — Okay cooool, he said “I reject him!” So when the Internet proved it could deliver minds and bodies in addition to dollars and cents, who was Young Obama to argue?

“This is the kind of flexibility you rarely see in anyone, esp in someone as young as Obama. Always look for ways to submit, to surrender. Decide what’s important to you and give up on everything else. Who cares what word you want to use — you want me to reject, then I reject!”

Dave Winer, Scripting News

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