What is GoogleUpdate.exe and why won’t Google allow me to uninstall it?

I think it appeared in the list of services after I reinstalled Google Gears.

I have uninstalled every Google program (Gears, GTalk, Google Desktop, etc.), and disabled GoogleUpdate.exe in the list of services. I even deleted every Google reference in the registry.

When I reboot, however, the some process runs which re-enables the GoogleUpdate.exe service.

As a last resort, I renamed the executable file at C:Program FilesGoogleUpdate1.1.27.3GoogleUpdate.exe to “x_GoogleUpdate.exe”, which is a sucky way to regain control of your own property.

What’s the deal, Google?

One comment

  1. I have since learned that GoogleUpdate.exe is (or is part of) Google Gears, a legitimate and useful software program that allows web applications in the “cloud” to be used offline.

    The problem I have with GoogleUpdate.exe is that even though one uninstalls all Google software and all software using Gears, GoogleUpdate.exe still remains, still runs as a service, reinstalls itself, and provides no uninstall facility. Sort of like Sony’s root kit.

    Not the thing I expect from the “do no evil” company.

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