jQueryHelp: A community for jQuery coders

Chrys Bader at aclevercookie.com has created jQueryHelp.com, intended to be a community of web developers and Javascript programmers who can help each other solve jQuery coding problems.

According to the forum introduction, the site intends to augment, not replace, the massive jQuery developers mail list with easily searchable collections of help, tips, ideas and demonstrations.

The purpose of this forum is to offer the quickest form of topic based conversation for jQuery users.

Currently, there is only a mailing list which offers latent responses, but does have the largest user base and is a great resource. Though, there have been many requests for a forum so I have happily taken the initiative to set something up.

Hopefully we can grow as a community here and help each other learn and get through problems and make a new home for jQuery users.

-Chrys Bader (aclevercookie.com)

All of us can help others and few of us (except the redoubtable John Resig himself) are not without the occasional need for help ourselves. Good for you, Chrys, for creating jQueryHelp.

In case you have not been monitoring the jQuery website, the team has released jQuery 1.2.1, a quick bug fix for jQuery 1.2, and the long-awaited jQuery User Interface.

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