Glen Campbell and Stone Temple Pilots: “Wichita Lineman”

Glen Campbell sings Jimmy Webb’s “Wichta Lineman”, backed by Stone Temple Pilots. The spindly legged Campbell, now 71, has lost none of his vocal precision, hitting every note exactly right. “Wichita Lineman” was never sung more sweetly. After applauding the take, Dean DeLeo says “All right, now ‘Galveston’!”.

From the DVD of bootleg studio sessions released with STP’s 2003 “Thank You” album.


  1. Thanks, “Fun”. The video has an endearing quality to it. Especially when Glen wipes away a tear at the end. I bought the “Thank You” CD (including the DVD) at

    BTW, I visited your site, “”. Huge collection of online flash games. I’m working to be an F16 ace!

  2. This wonderful video has been yanked off of, presumably by the copyright holder. Too bad.

    I loved the video so much that I bought the album – the full DVD/CD combination for three times the usual price of audio only. Although I like Stone Temple Pilots, I never would have even known about the DVD version had it not been for someone posting this video on YouTube.

    When is the record industry going to wake up and realize the potential of viral marketing? (Answer: probably too late to do anything about it. Sue first, innovate later.)

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