Obligatory first post

I had a blog before. Then I decided I didn’t want one, being the modest sort of guy I am.

Then I decided I had to be less modest in order to successfully promote my business as an independent web developer. And besides, as my wife says, I have things to say. “And you say them all the time”, she says.

It’s true.

I will hold forth on some topic or another at breakfast, as we read the Tampa Tribune (yes, we still subscribe to dead tree news). An article about some outrage or another will set me off. Or I will talk back to a columnist, or a Tribune editorial. Or (less frequently these days) I will quote a feel-good news story to my wife.

I am a voracious reader of technology news and blogs so I have opinions on the Internet and how it should make our lives better. My friends are often the innocent victims of my unbounded enthusiasm over some obscure bit of technology.

But I have learned over the years to watch for tips that I’m becoming a bore: the fixed, 1000-yard stare at something just over my shoulder, or the furtive glances at the nearest door.

Maybe this blog will ease my urge to inflict my opinions on those closest to me. Maybe not.

Regardless of the outcome, the experiment will continue as long as the broadband bill is paid and the world remains the fascinating and unfinished place that it is.

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