I help interesting people build great websites

If your organization is a non-profit or a small business, or if you are doing fun and interesting things, then I want to help make your website dynamic and powerful. One that communicates your passion, your vision, the reason you go to work everyday.

I also don’t charge much.

But I do require two things. You must be cool. And you must have t-shirts (because the only thing I miss is vendorwear — see About to understand what I mean).

Recent work…



Anna Hartzog Designs

Anna Hartzog is an up-and-coming Tampa artist who makes exquisite jewelry encorporating pearls, gemstones, ribbons, silver wire and gold findings. Her work has been published on Vogue, among other places.



Deep Carnivale

Deep Carnivale is a new street fair and book festival in Tampa’s historic Ybor City. It will feature readings by authors and poets of their own works, exhibits by local artists and booths featuring area bookstores and libraries. Plus lots of music and things for kids to do.



Ybor Festival of the Moving Image

The Ybor Festival of the Moving Image, which just completed its fifth annual event, is an eclectic and fun film festival that showcases new films and videos by artists, animators and documentarians from around the world. It’s spiced by its locale — in historic Ybor City — and by some usually unusual performance pieces.

Examples of more work in my portfolio…

  • About Gary Burge

    I am an experieced web programmer, techno-activist, romantic idealist, who never quite left the sixties, even though I became quite successful in the Internet space.

    My business philosphy is different now than when I toiled in the bigco world. About a decade ago I experienced a life-altering epiphany: I was sacrificing my personal life and health to feed a corporate monster.